Our mission at Tall Guy is to create a food experience that reflects all aspects of our clientele. We recognize the importance of quality ingredients that are also locally sourced. Our clients expect us to deliver great tasting, family style meals for their special occasion. Our approach and unique skill set will deliver a fun, casual, and uncomplicated event. Our pride, enthusiasm, and dedication to being the best at what we do is evident in everything we do. And, we ensure that our organized, personalized service is convenient and accessible for different budget levels.

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  • Top 3: Healthy Corporate Lunch Menus

    Fresh salad on plate

    When we cater for local businesses, we get a lot of healthy lunch requests – which is great, because nutrition doesn’t have to take away from good flavor and quality food.

    I recently turned to our Tall Guy Catering Manager, Veronica O’Donnell, and asked her opinion on our top three healthy corporate lunch options.  Here’s what she – enthusiastically – shared:

     Taco Bar

    “Everyone loves a taco bar – you can add whatever ingredients you want to your taco,” Veronica said.  “In addition, we slow cook our lean ground turkey meat in house made seasoning.  We also offer a side of Mexican rice and – my favorite – cilantro lime black beans.  It’s so good.”

    taco bar & Logo

    Mediterranean Menu

    Veronica insists that the Mediterranean menu is one of our best healthy lunch choices – and I couldn’t agree more.

    “We get so many compliments on this menu.  People praise the grilled chicken breast with Mediterranean relish, our Greek pasta salad, and green salad.  Tall Guy has a love for Sicilian culture and food – so, there is a reason these flavors come to life.”

    med meal logo

    Tailgate Lunch

    Especially during the long winter months, there is nothing more revitalizing than a Tall Guy tailgate.

    “Even if it is indoors, the smell and taste of grilled chicken sausages just does it for people,” says Veronica.  “Like all of our meat, our chicken is locally sourced.  And, sides range from pasta salad, greens, chips – whatever you want to make it.”

    tailgage & logo

    Veronica adds, “when we cater for corporate lunches we receive an outpour of appreciation.  People get excited about eating something that is both unique in taste and nutritious.  It feels good.”

    Catering for local businesses is just one way we share our love of cooking with our community.  And, when we can prepare something healthy that people get enthusiastic about, Veronica is right, it feels good.  It feels very, very good.