Our mission at Tall Guy is to create a food experience that reflects all aspects of our clientele. We recognize the importance of quality ingredients that are also locally sourced. Our clients expect us to deliver great tasting, family style meals for their special occasion. Our approach and unique skill set will deliver a fun, casual, and uncomplicated event. Our pride, enthusiasm, and dedication to being the best at what we do is evident in everything we do. And, we ensure that our organized, personalized service is convenient and accessible for different budget levels.

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  • Tall Guy’s Local Shopping Adventure in Milwaukee


    Our clients get to experience the best part of Tall Guy and A Grill: delicious food. This is why I’m relentlessly on the hunt for the best #local flavors – it makes a difference. Join me on a recent shopping tour with some of my favorite local vendors who care about serving fresh, quality ingredients.  

    Stop 1: Kettle Range Meats


    I’ve got a lot of favorites at Kettle Range Meats, but everytime I stop in and chat with the butcher, I’m inspired to try something new. They’re also transparent about their process and work with farmers who raise animals to the highest standards. This is something I really stand behind. 


    I made sure to stock up on their housemade breakfast sausage – our corporate clients rave when we bring them to breakfast meetings! In addition to their meat products, they also provide a great selection of sauces, kimchi, butter, and sauerkraut (we currently use The Brinery on our menu!) made by local producers.

    Stop 2: Clock Shadow Creamery


    Clock Shadow Creamery – Milwaukee’s only urban cheese factory – is where I get several types of cheese for our Panko Crusted Mac & Cheese Bites, Pasta Salad, and Wisconsin Potato Gratin. 


    During this adventure, I learned about Chees-E-Que and received a great new tip on how to grill it! Yes – I’ll be putting this tasty cheese right on the grill! As I wrapped up my purchases, I got to observe the creamery workers finishing a batch of cured cheese and did some sampling, of course.

    Stop 3: Outpost Natural Foods Co-Op


    When I don’t have time to visit a specific local vendor for extra product, I swing by one of Milwaukee’s Outpost Natural Foods locations. As a proud co-op member and through serving on the Local First Milwaukee board with Outpost’s CEO, Pam, I know I can always get plenty of in-season produce. 


    I made sure to grab some fresh brussel sprouts for one of our popular new menu items: Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts with Maple Glaze. The fresher the sprouts – the crunchier the appetizer!


    Many times I’m connecting with local vendors through emails or phonecalls, but there’s nothing like stopping in to say “hi” and handpicking the freshest ingredients. A visit to a regular vendor gives me the chance to learn tips and tricks from the people most passionate about their products. I can also survey what’s in season, keep connected to the source, and gain inspiration for new menu items.  

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