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  • Tall Guy Tropical Chicken Salad

    Tall Guy Tropical Chicken Salad Plate

    Oh man, have the temperatures this last week done wonders for your state of mind or what?!?! It feels like spring and I was inspired by my Brewers Organics delivery to do something light and delicious for lunch this weekend.

    Brewers Organics Produce Delivery

    This week had lots of yummy produce delivered to my door, and I decided to try something based on fruit – specifically the mango and kiwi. I was also fascinated with the sunflower shoots, as I’d never had them before. So here goes – Tall Guy Tropical Chicken Salad makes a great spring lunch!

    Tall Guy Tropical Chicken Salad (serves 2)

    1 can chunk chicken

    1/3 c. mayonnaise

    1 mango, chopped

    2 kiwi, sliced

    1/4 c. unsweetened grated coconut

    3 tbsp. slivered almonds

    1 tsp. Asian Seasoning blend

    salt & pepper

    1/2 c. sunflower shoots

    2-4 c. baby spinach

    Tall Guy Tropical Chicken Salad

    Drain the chicken and place it in a small mixing bowl. Add mayonnaise, mango, coconut, almonds, Asian seasoning and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.

    Divide spinach between two plates. Use an ice cream scoop to put a ball of chicken salad on each bed of spinach. Surround with sliced kiwi and sunflower shoots. Enjoy!

    Tall Guy Tropical Chicken Salad Plate

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